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At RVCHS, we believe that academics are the foundation of the high school experience and should come first. In addition to traditional core subjects, we offer a variety of career and technical education options as well as Navajo studies.

Core Academics

Our core curriculum adheres to Arizona state standards. Pending funds and available faculty, we offer the following courses:

  • Mathematics: Algebra I and II, geometry, advanced math, pre-calculus, trigonometry
  • English Language and Arts: English 9–12, creative writing and composition, honors English, modern literature, Native American literature, Shakespeare, women’s literature, world literature
  • Sciences: Intro to science, earth science, physical science, general biology, advanced biology, chemistry
  • Social Studies: World history and geography, American history, U.S. government and economics, southwest studies
  • Physical Education: PE, weightlifting, health
  • Navajo Studies: Navajo language I and II, Navajo government

CTE Programs

Native School-Career and Technical Education provides courses in marketing, radio DJ, welding, multimedia, and carpentry.

NPC Distance Learning Courses

Northland Pioneer College offers distance learning courses for medical terminology and nursing assistants.