Home of the Miners

We are the Miners! Red Valley/Cove High School is a public high school serving Navajo students in ninth through twelfth grades. If you know just where to look, you will find us on the Navajo reservation, tucked away in a very remote area of northeastern Arizona, about 25 miles southwest of the Four Corners.

From the Principal’s Desk

Ya’at’eeh Students, Parents/Guardians/Community Members:

We are honored to have the opportunity to work with you at Red Valley-Cove High School. Our teachers and staff members are working hard to create another exciting year.  

It is our mission that every child succeeds in school and in life. Working together with the same purpose in mind, we want to provide the best educational and extra-curricular experience for the students of Red Valley-Cove High School.

Red Valley-Cove High School has an excellent tradition of working closely with its students, community, and parents. I know you as students and parents of the students are proud of your community; that is why the school wants to reflect your values and take on the important role of helping students to get their education.

Thank you for your support and for being a student/parent at Red Valley-Cove High School in the Red Mesa Unified School District. Together we can build a safe and productive learning environment. Your support and involvement will help promote positive behaviors and academic success.

Your lead teacher, Jennifer Gross is here to listen and provide the best educational experience for every student at our school. Please contact Ms. Gross at the school should you have questions.

Thank you for helping to make this school year the best.


Jennifer Gross

Jennifer Gross
RVCHS Lead Teacher